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Cold Steel AK-47 Tactical Pocket Knife Review

Cold Steel Knife The cold steel AK-47 is a beast. With few exceptions it is the largest pocket knife you could hope to have. Named after Mikhail Kalishnikov's famous firearm this is a tough knife with great potential.

The Cold Steel AK-47 is made from Aus-8A Stainless Steel and has an incredible locking mechanism. Older models feature The Axis lock while newer models feature the Triad lock. Either mechanism makes this pocket knife like having a fixed blade in your pocket.

The knife features a 3.5" blade and is 9.35" overall when open it also features a nice lanyard hole and grivory pommel. Be warned this knife will come razor sharp and could easily cut the unwary owner.

It also features a pocket clip to keep the knife at the top of your pocket.

Another exciting feature of this knife is the wave feature. This feature allows you to open the knife one handed by snagging a clip on the blade on the edge of the pocket as it comes out and I can tell you it works well.

The blade is also surprisingly wide.

In short this knife fits in your pocket but barely, opens, quickly and is razor sharp. Unfortunately it is not a pretty knife and will frighten faint individuals. I could see it finding a happy home on Batman's Utility Belt though.

I would gladly give it four stars out of five due to its great features but slightly ungainly use.

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