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Cold Steel

Why Cold Steel Knives Are Great Knives
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=James_Fackrell]James Fackrell

Have you ever watched the demonstrations done by the Cold Steel Knives founder Lynn C. Thompson? He does some of the coolest, clever, awesome knife demonstrations you've ever seen. Once you've watched one of his demos you'll know why his knives are so popular. Lynn founded Cold Steel Knives way back in 1980 in California and has since then made his line of knives legendary.

He carries a wide range of knives and weapons and demonstrates the strength and durability of each one by making videos of them. He shows the public how strong and tough his knives are by slicing through car hoods, meat, bone, hard woods and other hard to cut products.

His wide selection of knives cater to all kinds of people whether they're hunters, knife nuts or the average person. Cold Steel uses VG-1 stainless steel, 4116 Krupp stainless steel, 1055 carbon steel, SK-5 high carbon steel, San Mai laminated steel, and AUS 8A steel to manufacture each knife. This is what makes them as strong as they are. Since they use high quality steel the knives are much more durable and longer lasting than if they were made with cheap steel.

He's also still one of the few knife companies out there that still manufactures some of their products in the good ole USA. That's saying a lot since most products now days are always made outside of America.

When sportsmen and hunters are skinning an elk, deer or a moose we want to the sharpest strongest knife we can find. I'd had experiences in the past with cheap, dull blades and it makes quartering out an elk a challenge of a lifetime.

Even if you're just gutting a fish and you're unable to slice up it's belly because the blade is too dull this can be very frustrating. When you're out in the wilderness away from everything, having a sharp blade is vitally important. If you're miles away from the nearest road and even further away from the nearest city, you can't just hop in your truck and cruise into town for another knife.

Being prepared before you head out to your hunting grounds is key. Preparation starts back at home.

Make sure the next time you head to the hills or to the lake that you have a dependable blade. Trust me nothing is worse than trying to skin or cut up an animal and you're unable to do it.

That's frustration at it's finest.

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