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Ka Bar Knives Ok, my little hunting and sporting aficionados it's time that we do a little overview on an essential item for every hunter and outdoorsmen. The all essential knife is something that you should carry with you no matter what. If you are looking for a new hunting knife then check one of these knives that are currently on the market.

Ka-Bar Hunting Knife $53.49: The Ka-Bar hunting knife is a 5.88" stainless steel blade with a 4.87" stacked leather handle. This hunting knife includes a leather sheath and is available at www.knife-depot.com.

Smith & Wesson Texas Hold 'Em Bowie Knife $39.99: This tough knife measures 12.75" overall. The blade is 440c stainless steel and the handle is a mesquite fibron material. This fixed blade knife comes with a sheath and is also available at www.knife-depot.com.

Smith & Wesson Small Hunting Knife $22.49: This more portable knife measures 8" in overall length. It is made of stainless steel and features a rubber handle. It has a satin finish blade and comes with a leather sheath. This knife is available at the www.shoppingwarehouse.net.

Maxam Hunting Knife $9.64: This unique hunting knife has a simulated wood grain handle and finger guards. The blade is 420 surgical stainless steel and the overall knife measures 13.5" in length. The Maxam Hunting Knife comes with a lifetime warranty and gift box. This knife can be purchased from www.ckbproducts.com.

Jungle Master Hunting Knife $11.51: The Jungle Master Hunting Knife is an ultra affordable knife that has a 440 stainless steel curved tip blade. It has serrated teeth on the reverse of the blade, a rubberized metal handle, cutouts on the blade and a free leather sheath. This knife is available at www.keenzo.com.

Rambo Hunting Knife $10.26: If you are looking for a hunting knife unlike the one other people will have then check out the Rambo Hunting Knife. This knife is a whopping 15" long, full tang, and comes with a leather sheath. To purchase this knife go to www.buydefenderblades.com.

Timberlander Hunting Knife $19.95: If you are looking to get a discount hunting knife then look no further. The Timberlander knife is available at www.combathunting.com for $15 off of the retail price. This knife is ultra compact, has a stainless steel blade, rubber grip handle, brass bolster, and nylon sheath.

Survival Knife $39.99: The Survival knife features a stainless steel blade, compass in the handle, sharpening stone, survival stuff in the handle, and nylon sheath. If you are looking for a rugged hunting knife then go to www.shopalstores.com.

Damascus Hunting Knife $64.99: The Damascus Hunting knife is a great 11" overall length knife. This knife is available with a natural bone handle, buffalo horn handle, or stag or walnut wood handle. It has stainless steel bolsters and file work on the back. This knife comes with a leather cover. If you are interested in purchasing this hunting knife go to www.thunderknives.com.

Maxam Ram Horn Hunting Knife $33.95: This hunting knife measures 8.5" in length, comes with a lifetime warranty, and is gift boxed. You can get your own Maxam Ram Horn Hunting Knife at www.icemama.com.

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