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Kabar KnivesKnife Outlet has been servicing customers since 1997. It showcases more than 200 brands of knives in the industry, and it is the premier destination for people interested in the purchase of all types of knives. Knife Outlet's prices are significantly lower than those provided by mail order companies who mail printed catalogs. One of the reasons for that is that Knife Outlet avoids the expense of printing and mailing catalogs by maintaining its catalog strictly online. The online catalog has two advantages. The first advantage is that it is current because it is updated daily. The second advantage is that it allows you to order directly online at any time at your convenience. Knife Outlet also has many new arrivals and Specials to meet everyone's budgets and needs.

Knife outlet has the largest collection of sporting and kitchen cutlery knives from all over the world. It is a major online destination for people looking to buy knives either for sporting or cutlery purposes.

Knife Outlet provides an extensive variety of knives, cutlery, axes, camping knives, fishing knives, hunting knives, sports knives, outdoor knives, blades, edges, and swords.

Available through Knife Outlet are a large number of knife categories. Here is a list of what is offered by Knife Outlet: Beretta knives, Boker knives, Browning knives, Buck knives, Case knives, Cold steel knives, CRKT knives, Fallkniven knives Forschner knives, Gerber knives, Global cutlery, Kabar Knives, Kershaw knives, Kiluichi cutler, Mac cutlery, Ontario knives, Smith & Wesson, SOG knives, Spyderco knives, TOPS knives, Weston cutlery, Victorinox knives, and more!

Knife Outlet also provides an online Knives & Outdoor Sports Directory. This directory is Knife Outlet's huge compendium of resources for knife enthusiasts and outdoor sports lovers of all types. This may be the biggest directory of its type on the web, and Knife Outlet welcomes browsers. In it, you will find where to go to get: Armor and Swords (Antique weapons, Arms and Armors, Militaria Collecting, etc); Chef and Kitchen knives (House and Garden, Kitchen Cooking Schools, Kitchen Equipment); Fishing - International (Fishing in Africa, Fishing in Alberta, Fishing in Asia, etc); Knives and Blades (Australia NZ Knives etc, Custom Knives, Knife Accessories...); Outdoor Sports - Hunting (Hunting Dogs, Hunting Gear, Hunting in Africa, etc...); Outdoor Sports - Shooting (Firearms Training, Gun Accessories, Gun Ammunition....); Tools and Industrial Blades (Industrial Blades, Industrial Knives, Tool Resources, ...); Boating and Sailing (Boating resources, Fishing Boats and Gear, Sailing Resources, etc); Fishing - General (Fishing Collectibles, Fishing Resources, Fishing Tackle, etc); Fishing US Locations (Fishing in Alabama, Fishing in Alaska, Fishing in Arizona, ...); Outdoor Sports - Diving (Diving Resources, etc); Outdoor Sports - Other (Adventure Travel, Archery and Arrows, Binoculars and optics, etc); Tactical and Martial Arts (Combat and Special Ops, Martial Arts, Personal Protection, etc); Woodworking (Woodworkers and Resources, Woodworking Tools, etc).

Knife Outlet also offers an array of sharpeners and sharpening devices to be used with the products available. Some of those sharpeners are True Hone Crossteel Steeling Fixture; Smith's 3 in 1 Sharpening System; Wusthof 2899 Pocket Two Stage Sharpener; Chef's Choice 150 Angle Select Electric Sharpener; Chef's Choice 464 Pronto Manual Sharpener Measures 8 .5" overall; Byrd 200 Duckfoot sharpener Diamond sharpener handles both plain and serrated edges; and many more!

Knife Outlet gets requests for printed catalogs daily. However, because of the advantages of Knife Outlet's online catalog coupled with its low prices which provide good value, Knife Outlet does not intend to print catalogs in the future.

The knife outlet has the largest collection of sporting and kitchen cutlery knives from all over the world. Knife Outlet is the most popular site for people looking to buy knives either sporting or cutlery knives. Knives are our business at Knife Outlet! We sell ONLY on the web, which helps us bring you the best bargains on knives anywhere.For more information, please visit knifeoutlet.com