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By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=James_Cerebe]James Cerebe

I would like to write about urban survival knives. I always put a pocket knife in my pocket before leaving home. I have spent a lot of time in some very rough neighborhoods since I grew up in a big city. I was in the remodeling business and sometimes, as they used say you take the good with the bad. Fortunately I never had an incident that required the use of my knife. I honestly think that common sense and street smarts are far better than any weapon. But with that being said I still liked the "safe feeling" from carrying my varieties of pocket knives. Besides pocket knives can be used a tools as well.

I got a laugh from the movie "Crocodile Dundee" when his girlfriend Sue and he are menaced by a trio of would be muggers. When the thief ask for their wallets and pulls out a knife (I guess about a four inch blade) His girlfriend says, "Mick give him your wallet." He replies "what for?". She says, "he's got a knife." Dundee say's, "that's not a knife" and pulls out a knife about 12 inches long, and says "that's a knife." Pretty funny stuff. Of course it is the movie's, but that is one serious knife just the same. It appears to be a Bowie Knife. At least it has the same size, shape and look. What caught my interest also was the sheath used in the movie. It also seemed that he used some kind of carrying strap as well. Either way that is a beautiful knife. More suited for the outdoors, camping, hunting or fishing.

Pocket knives are easy to hide and make an excellent choice for carrying in the urban environment. All knives are good for close inside work. Buck Knives has a wide selection of pocket knives suited to fit neatly in your pocket and out of site. They are easily "drawn" out of your pocket, and with the more quality ones, opening single handedly. Besides allowing protection these knives also perform a number of other tasks. Like cutting rope at the home center or opening a package. I like the feeling of security and protection afforded by carrying a knife at all times.

Of course boot knives conceal quite nicely as well. Although I think they can be a little harder to get to. Pen knives in fact are actual pens that look like an ordinary pen but in fact have a blade. They pull apart revealing a blade usually about 2 to 2 1/2 inches long. This is the ultimate in concealment and they easily clip onto a shirt pocket like an ordinary pen.

Laws regarding the carrying and concealment of knives varies state to state. The use of a switchblade or butterfly knife has pretty much been banned in all 50 states. Common pocket knives are considered more as tools and not seen as dangerous weapons. That's another good reason I like to carry a pocket knife.

Written by James Cerebe for [http://www.buckknivesworld.com].

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