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Firearms to footwear - Smith and Wesson Boots

Smith And Wesson KnivesThough the company of Smith and Wesson is known better as firearms manufacturers, it is quite good at boot making as well. The performance, defender, guardian, and shield series of Smith and Wesson Boots are tactical boots, which are great performance enhancers.

In 1855 the partnership of Horace Smith and Daniel B Wesson produced a firearms company known as the Volcanic Repeating Arms Company to produce guns and ammunition. The company became successful and the partnership of Smith and Wesson is still better known for their inventions and modifications in the firearms related world. But out of this partnership was also born the Smith and Wesson Boots making company at a later stage. Their pioneering spirit in new inventions, business acumen, and interest in embracing newly developing technology, is reflected as much in the Smith and Wesson Boots as in their guns.

The Smith and Wesson Boots guardian series are waterproof boots with an upper made of full grain leather. Full grain leather is leather that has undergone practically no modification from the original other than removal of hair and mandatory cleaning. Full grain leather makes boots made of it quite strong. And these boots have a tongue and insole made of memory foam, which is a form of polyurethane reinforced with chemicals. Memory foam of low density is very sensitive to pressure that it adheres perfectly to the foot by molding itself to the body's shape.

Other specialties of guardian series of Smith and Wesson Boots are the bullet-trac sole, and integrated TPU shank. TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane is abrasion resistant, and cut and tear resistant. Because of its high load bearing capacity, it provides perfect support to the feet.

The better-known Smith and Wesson Boots are its performance series, defender series, shield series, and guard series of boots. Their performance series side zip boots has an upper that is a mixture of full grain leather and nylon, slip and oil resistant outsole, and YKK zipper. There is no metal insert or steel toe in them. Defender series and shield series are also of non-metallic construction, and toe reinforcement, where provided, is that of composite material.

All Smith and Wesson Boots make use of the latest technology in all their tactical boots. It uses thinsulate ultra insulation in all its boots designed for use in cold weather. Thinsulate is made of extremely thin fibers, which are around 15 micrometers in diameter, so that it can provide warmth without adding much to the weight. And the Gore-tex lining that Smith and Wesson Boots makes use of in all its boots is a waterproof and wind proof fabric, which is breathable at the same time. The micro-porous structure of the material allows vaporized perspiration to escape while preventing moisture from seeping into the boots. The heavy duty YKK zipper that is used in the boots
also adds to the perfection of Smith and Wesson Boots.

Smith and Wesson manufacturers have the right type of boot knives for their Smith and Wesson Boots. A boot knife is a knife that can be put within the boot pouch, or worn attached to the boots in a concealed manner. Boot knives are fixed blade double-edged knives. Besides using in face-to-face fighting, these knives can also be thrown with a great level of accuracy.

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