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Medieval Swords
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Sarah_Porter]Sarah Porter

History buffs become passionate about all different eras in the past. Some love everything about the Civil War; others are more partial to the Old West. However, one of the most popular time periods when it comes to replica weapons happens to be the medieval period. Even though the United States hadn't been formed at time, people from all over the country are fascinated by medieval guns that were mostly cannons, of course. They are also looking for replica versions of Medieval Swords and other types of medieval arms.

Medieval Times

The medieval era is also known as the Middle Ages. This is actually a very long period in Western civilization that roughly begins with the collapse of the Roman Empire that occurred in the 5th century and continued for another eleven centuries. If you know your European history, you know that Rome's empire was caught in a downward spiral for many years before the barbarians known as the Visigoths were able to conquer the land for themselves. Once that occurred, major changes began occurring throughout Europe.

The Catholic Church became a dominant force. The European continent fell into the Dark Ages, a period marked by a lack of education and literacy. As a result, the West actually began to lose its place of prominence in the world. The Muslim world that became more advanced in terms of arts, science, history, and technology would become the powerhouse and would begin expanding their empire. And that's where the importance of the fantasy arms from the period came in handy.

Fantasy Guns & Fantasy Swords

Although these weapons were not "fantasy" items all those centuries ago, today they have taken on that feeling. Back then, these weapons were necessary as Western Europe decided to begin the Conquests that were a series of planned invasions for the purpose of freeing Jerusalem from the Muslims and for driving back their influence. More than a dozen crusades were waged between the late 11th century and the 13th century. Crusades were also waged during this period against other groups, as well.

The Europeans who fought in these wars were aptly called Crusaders. They had plenty of weapons at their disposal, including maces, rapiers, war hammers, and more. Most of these types of weapons can be found today in a wide range of video games and movies that are built on a fantasy world. The history firearms were pretty limited at the time. Cannons were about the most technologically advanced at the time in this regard.

Collecting Medieval Accessories

Whether you are an enthusiast of Medieval history or you just enjoy collecting Medieval Swords and fantasy weapons, you'll be able to find a large number of these items available for sale through online vendors. You can find replicas of these items that can be displayed in your home or even used as part of historic re-enactments. While Medieval Swords are not extremely plentiful, you can find other types of items from this period that will help you capture a part of the past.

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